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Accounting that changes at the speed of business


Anyone for more balance in work, life and family priorities? Want extreme freedom? Let our team of friendly professionals customize your virtual office so you can spend less time on your books and more time on what you’re passionate about. Have your time and resources freed up to grow your business, or to enjoy friends and family – from anywhere in the world.

When you work with the integrated team at Evolution Accounting, you can trust that all your needs can be met, perhaps even some you didn’t know you had! We offer virtual bookkeeping and payroll services. Our services allow you the freedom to work when you like, where you like, and enables access to your records day or night. Your resources are maximized along with your free time.


We are experts at automated bookkeeping implementation, which connects your payables and receivables directly to your bank feed. Imagine the power of a program which pre-populates your business’ data for you in real time. Integrate and connect your entire operation and watch your bookkeeping work for you.

Quick Books Online® (QBO) is an all in one software package for small businesses which makes it easy to manage your financials wherever your life takes you. From exporting financials, to a multitude of tools to make managing expenses easy, QBO is a powerful tool to support your overall business management practices.

HubDoc® acts as your own personal assistant and turns your paperwork into the data you need to manage, plan and expand your business. No more arduous data entry, no more hard copy receipts to manage, no more manual filing. It’s as simple as taking a picture with your phone, who knew bookkeeping could be so effortless?

Sage® is a leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. In addition to their financial systems designed for small businesses, Sage® accounting software offers several industry-specific financial management packages designed to support the unique needs of these sectors.

Let our team of experts assemble a full assessment of what would best save your time and money while increasing your bottom-line profitability.


Bill your clients 24/7, on your terms, even from your phone. Evolution Accounting utilizes cloud based programs that are user friendly and require minimal training time. These programs allow virtual access to all client information and reports, including preferred payment method, payment terms, payment history and billing address. It takes only a minute to complete a pre-populated invoice, and it is effortless to issue reminders for overdue invoices. In addition to being quick & easy, all these programs are secure, safe and protected.


We improve your business efficiency by implementing online payroll services which give you a one stop shop for all your payroll deliverables. These safe and secure programs calculate pay, deduct the required remittances for governmental agencies and taxable benefits, effortlessly accrue and issue vacation pay, and easily manage your statutory holiday requirements. Have year-end reporting be stress free as our customized payroll services generate your T-4 slips, or for your subcontractors, T5018 slips.


Let the Information System experts at Evolution Accounting elevate your payroll practices to the next level, give yourself the gift of free time!


Experience the cross-functional power of a fully integrated reconciliation process. Our comprehensive bookkeeping programs allow you to manage and resolve exceptions, provide thorough reporting to stakeholders, and reduce risk. It’s like having a personal on-line accountant. We can help you save resources, improve accuracy, increase compliance, and enjoy the improved visibility of your business activities.


Let Evolution Accounting’s expertise in the area of account reconciliations provide you with a streamlined approach to verifying the correctness and integrity of your financial records. Permit us to give you the gift of peace of mind and contentment in knowing that your books are accurate and reliable.


Whether you are a sole proprietor, in a partnership, or a corporate or nonprofit business, make tracking and documenting your expenses easy, effortless, and efficient. Be in control of your business expenses and know exactly where you stand in real time through coordination and integration of your key financial transaction platforms.


Through customizable, repeatable reports on the key performance indicators that you deem critical to quality, you’ll understand where your profits and losses stand and always know where your money goes.Give yourself the ability to make smart business decisions through your capacity to see tangible key financial indicators including income, expenses, outstanding invoices, GST paid and collected, and much more.


Our team spends time getting to you know you and your precise business needs. We set you on a path of impeccable forecasting, allocations, and deductions which are perfectly suited for your unique needs and business.


Let our team of evolutionary accountants guide you through the establishment and launch of your personalized corporate structure through the creation of general ledger (GL) codes, tax codes, periodic reporting, and more.


At Evolution Accounting®, manual receipt entry is a thing of the past with our cutting-edge technology, making data entry less time consuming and cumbersome for you. More play time anyone?


Evolution Accounting’s user-friendly expense management protocols seamlessly keep everything organized and together in one place. This paves the way for a smooth year-end, and a happy accountant!


Whether you’re on an annual or periodic installment remittance schedule, the experts at Evolution Accounting make tracking and dispatching the GST you have collected straightforward & effortless. We ensure that your input tax credits (ITC’s) are maximized and that the government is well apprised of the status of your account in an efficient and judicious manner.


We understand what is tax exempt, what real and tangible properties are affected by GST, and the benchmark for when you are required to start paying GST.

When our business is taking excellent care of your business, you can trust that our focus is on you, your people, and how to implement value-added solutions that perform for you and your business.


As a business owner or self-employed person, the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) program is voluntary for you, but not your employees; WCB coverage is mandatory for staff. However, personal coverage is available to most self-employed people and business owners, including sole proprietors, business partners and directors of corporations. This coverage provides similar benefits and services as those provided to workers in the event of a work-related injury. We can enroll your business and complete the annual reporting on your behalf.