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Accounting that changes at the speed of business

Starting your new business is exciting and challenging all at once. We offer start up consulting and advisory services. In clear and simple language, we help you with your understanding of tax regulations, expense deductibility, accounting software options, and corporate share structure to create a solid foundation for you and your business. Impeccable record keeping will ensure that Canada Revenue Agency is happy and that makes your life so much easier. Read what some clients have to say about us.

Lesley McNamara, CPA, CGA

Brian N. Dunn, CPA, CMA
As a single mum, I wanted to finally figure out what to do when I grew up. Business or Art – that was the question! I loved the idea of being an artist but was concerned about becoming a starving artist so off to UBC I went to start my career as an accountant. I could work and study at the same time… easy right?

Well, many years later and a few grey hairs I finished my designation and discovered that I loved helping people with their taxes. That was what accountants were meant to do! Forget the boring formulas and futures markets. I wanted to help people and business owners reduce their taxes and increase their profits to thrive and prosper in business and their personal lives!

I started out in 2006 with nothing and grew my practice to a six-figure business in a few short years. I love my life these days and feel so excited about what is next for me and my future!

I always wanted to help people with their businesses and tax planning to grow and become more prosperous. I started taking CMA classes in 1988 and applied at the time to every small firm in the phone book. (No, there was no e-mail way back then!). Through my studies I ended up finding a job in industry and rode that wave for the next 28 years. My career started in a junior position and I continually gained more and more experience and increasingly senior positions until the economy caught up to me and I was downsized in the summer of 2016. This ended my career in industry, and I left as a Controller for an Oil and Gas related company. I knew this was an opportunity to change gears to do what I always wanted to!

Of course, nothing comes easy, and I could not just hang my shingle out as a Public Practitioner (although I had been a qualified CMA/CPA since 2000) without the experience and knowledge to do so. I needed to get hundreds of hours in Public Practice verified by another CPA and update a taxation course. I also improved my knowledge of Public Practice by taking a post-secondary degree program focused in this area as well as further CPA training. During this time, I enlisted the assistance of my (now) partner to work under her as a contractor while getting my qualifications.

Together we started Evolution Accounting in the spring of 2019 and a year later I completed all my qualifications and became a full partner in the firm. I am finally doing what I always was meant to and would never have it any other way. Helping business succeed is my passion!